Items Every Mountain Home Interior Design Must Have

There are a lot of houses in the world. There are the simple huts to the extravagant mansions. There are beach houses and mountain homes. One of the most important aspects of every house is the interior design. Even the simplest and smallest house has its own interior design. This is also true for a mountain home. In fact, the mountain home interior design is just as intrepid as the interior designs of other types of homes. Since it is a mountain home, its interior design also has distinct characteristics which most if not all mountain home has. Here are the items every mountain home interior design must have. Learn more about  Antler decor,  go here.

1. Wood - Wood is the majority material in every mountain home. From the floors, walls and up to the roof, you can find wood everywhere. Inside the house, most cabinets and furniture are made up of wood. These woods vary in shapes from the whole logs to the wood tiles. Find out for further details on  Antler Art  right here.

2. Animal parts - Another distinct item found in mountain home interior design is animal parts. Animals vary from deer, bear and other mountain game animals. The parts include hide, antler, head d?cor. Nowadays, animals are also used to make different home decors. For an example, a deer antler is used to make various items such as antler chandelier, antler dog bone, antler light fixture, antler mirror, and antler bar tools.

3. Heating system - Mountains are very cold places to live in. So a heating system is much more practical than an air conditioning system. Traditional mountain houses have heating furnaces or fireplace. Make sure you have a properly working heating system that can heat up the entire house aside from the living room.

4. Insulation system - In order to complement the heating system, a mountain home must be properly insulated. An insulating system should retain heat inside and must cover the whole house. This will ensure that there is a little leak for the heat to pass through.

5. Hunting gear - Lastly, every mountain home must have hunting gear. Some hunting gear might be decorative while most are functional. There are various games in the mountains aside from the threat of large predators. So every mountain home must have several hunting gear pieces. The traditional hunting gear is guns like rifle and hunting bow. Aside from hunting gear, many mountain homes also have trapping gears which are used to trap animals for their meat and hide.

There are the basic items every mountain home interior design must have. Take a look at this link  for more information.